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The medical malpractice attorneys at AMWT&C have substantial experience in defending professional healthcare providers, ancillary staff, and facilities against claims and lawsuits that they or their employees were negligent or deviated from the applicable standard of care.

AMWT&C handles on-premises and other types of personal injury litigation for all of the California hospitals it represents. We also represent a number of government entities, including the County of Los Angeles in its hospital liability program.

Most importantly, we have a history of successfully representing healthcare clients in medical malpractice cases filed in both state and federal courts throughout Southern California. We have represented healthcare providers and facilities in cases involving a wide range of issues including birth injuries, infant death, fetal anomalies, elder and dependant adult abuse, nursing or resident physician negligence, emergency medicine, neurosurgery, bariatric surgery, Elam claims, medical staff issues, and general hospital liability. We work closely with healthcare risk management departments to identify high-risk practices, institute changes in appropriate policies, and conduct educational in-service programs to limit risk.

At AMWT&C, we take an active approach to defense litigation, aggressively attacking the pleadings and filing motions for summary judgment/adjudication. We have had great success in obtaining judgments and dismissals, and it is always our goal to achieve the best resolution in the quickest and most efficient manner. Our extensive network of specialists enables us to conduct comprehensive reviews of medical files and relevant medical research, to select and retain appropriate and effective expert witnesses and consultants, and to conduct all phases of litigation, trial and appellate work.

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